Practical Paris

The L’Improbable Café arrives in Paris!

New spot of the Marais, this bar inspired by the Berlin bars experiencing a real success, immerses you in a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere. The specialty of this bar? The gun, a small Belgian bread in which several ingredients: meat, vegetables, salad and sauces of all kinds.

It is in a former garage that’s unlikely cafe offers food truck the group Bien Fait who decided to settle in this bar, recycled wooden pallets in shelves, green plants, vintage rocking chair , iron stool etc …

10000000000003B7000002678391F363Levels flavors, chefs regale us between hot and cold gun, homemade drinks and small treats (cookies, apple pie, carrot cakes …).

To tickle your taste buds, the team Feel Like Ohm reveals some gun recipes: Corto Maltese ham Ibaiona walnuts and ricotta, Mortimer caviar of aubergine, lamb confit and parmesan or the loin in Gaston pork, BBQ sauce and red cabbage … then a map of sophisticated guns and designed by the chef Christophe Aribert two stars.