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Thrills in the heart of Paris

Warning sissies abstain, the Manoir of Paris may keep you awake at night! For the bravest, would you be able to cross, in a fearful atmosphere, the maze of Enchanted Manor to escape the Z plague that affected 40 monsters that will turn you around?

10000000000002D0000002D0FDF6CD0EVampires, blood killers, ghosts, witches, corpses, madmen will be a pleasure to torment you throughout your visit … Each piece of the maze has its own history every time more terrifying.
This journey into darkness is reputed to be the first show haunted France. The attraction is always open and is located in the 10th district in the old stores of earthenware of Choisy-le-Roi.
Originally, this attraction staged thirteen urban legends of the thirteenth century to the twentieth century from the literature and folklore. Today the Manor opens a new path for Halloween, « The Curse ».
Go and overcome your fears in this cursed place of the capital.