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Sorbonne yesterday and today

This thirteenth century in the Latin Quarter was marked by the passage of many great men and women of French history during the last seven centuries.

sorbonneRobert de Sorbon, theologian and chaplain of Saint Louis is the founder of the Sorbonne college with project for « living in good society, collectively, morally and studiously. » Theology, law, medicine, the arts are taught outdoors there to students from the four nations (Norman, French, English and Picardy).

Closed during the revolution in 1791, Napoleon did later an artists workshop in 1801. He must wait for the restoration that the University be reallocated to education by King Louis XVIII who had installed the Academy of Paris and the Ecole des Chartes in 1821.
Over the centuries, this has played an important role in French history by participating in intellectual debates and by providing quality education in the heart of the City of Light.

The Sorbonne as we know today is heir to a long cultural and intellectual tradition. Recognized worldwide, the Sorbonne University has trained many great personalities like Regis Debray, Manuel Valls or the journalist Laurence Ferrari.