Paris Monuments and Museums

Parc des Princes

Older French stage but also the fifth largest, the princes of the park was inaugurated July 18, 1897 but the current speaker is signed by the architect Roger Taillibert club in 1972. The current resident is the Paris Saint-Germain in 1974.

In the eighteenth century, the princes of the park was used as a place of relaxation, hunting and promenade popular with the king and the royal princes.

10000000000003E3000001DDE2A51D0EThe stadium hosts the matches of the Championship of France when PSG play at home matches of the European Cup and, occasionally, concerts of major French and international artists.

Feel free to come and support the Paris team (or another!) In this iconic park in the capital, it even tells you how to get there: by Metro stations Porte de Saint-Cloud and Porte d’Auteuil.