Paris Monuments and Museums

Opéra Garnier

Built by Charles Garnier from 1861 to 1875, this opera once called « Paris Opera » is one of the structural buildings in the 9th district. The property was requested by Napoleon III as part of the transformation of Paris carried out by the prefect Haussmann.

What makes the charm of this opera is its rich architecture and its eclectic decor and represents the style of the second half of the nineteenth century. Only the Third Republic that Opera was inaugurated as the work had been interrupted because of the 1870 war between France and Prussia.
100000000000034A0000022EEBB82E5DSince the creation of the Bastille Opera Bastille Square in 1989, the term « Opera Garnier » or « Palais Garnier » is used to designate the property. Now both operas are grouped in the public industrial and commercial « Opera National de Paris. »

Today it is mainly ballets and operas of the highest quality that are programmed in both operas to great international acclaim.