Dinner with The Iron Lady

Located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, the gourmet restaurant Le Jules Verne offers dinner while having a great view of Paris. To the delight of taste buds then joins the delight of the eyes.

The dish served reflects the French culinary heritage, there is also a wide choice of wines and thanks to the Experience menu crafted by Chef you will have the chance to taste up to 5 dishes to fully experience this taste experience.

10000000000002F1000001F2A3EFB796The Jules Verne offers one of the most beautiful rooms in Paris, intimate, modern and warm.

Managed since 2007 by chef Alain Ducasse, helped by thirty chef, this restaurant is in great demand and bookings are made well in advance and can be difficult to obtain, this is why you can count on your team Feel Like Ohm to find a quick reservation taste this gustatory and olfactory pleasure!