The Institute of the Arab World

Located in the heart of historical Paris in the 5th district, Place Mohammed V between the quay Saint Bernard and the Jussieu campus, the Institute of the Arab world is a Parisian cultural institution dedicated to the Arab world. The architects who designed this building have attempted to make a synthesis between Arab culture and […]

Parc des Princes

Older French stage but also the fifth largest, the princes of the park was inaugurated July 18, 1897 but the current speaker is signed by the architect Roger Taillibert club in 1972. The current resident is the Paris Saint-Germain in 1974. In the eighteenth century, the princes of the park was used as a place […]

Elysée Palace

Located in the 8th arrondissement, 55 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Elysée Palace is the seat of the presidency of the French Republic and the official residence of the President of the Republic since the Second Republic. More commonly called « Elysium » by the media, this palace was built in 1720 by architect Armand Claude Mollet […]


You can found all people marked French history there : Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Sadi Carnot, Émile Zola, Jean Jaurès, Jean Moulin, Jean Monnet, Pierre and Marie Curie, André Malraux or Alexandre Dumas. The Pantheon in Greek means « all the gods » and then intended to pay tribute to the greatest of our country. Located in […]

Dinner with The Iron Lady

Located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, the gourmet restaurant Le Jules Verne offers dinner while having a great view of Paris. To the delight of taste buds then joins the delight of the eyes. The dish served reflects the French culinary heritage, there is also a wide choice of wines and thanks […]

The French Academy

Founded in 1634 and formalized July 29, 1635 under the reign of Louis XIII by Cardinal Richelieu, the French Academy’s prestigious French institution whose task is to standardize and improve the French language. The creation of this institution represented in the seventeenth century the growing importance of the French language and culture. For the first […]

Opéra Garnier

Built by Charles Garnier from 1861 to 1875, this opera once called « Paris Opera » is one of the structural buildings in the 9th district. The property was requested by Napoleon III as part of the transformation of Paris carried out by the prefect Haussmann. What makes the charm of this opera is its rich architecture […]

Thrills in the heart of Paris

Warning sissies abstain, the Manoir of Paris may keep you awake at night! For the bravest, would you be able to cross, in a fearful atmosphere, the maze of Enchanted Manor to escape the Z plague that affected 40 monsters that will turn you around? Vampires, blood killers, ghosts, witches, corpses, madmen will be a […]

Sorbonne yesterday and today

This thirteenth century in the Latin Quarter was marked by the passage of many great men and women of French history during the last seven centuries. Robert de Sorbon, theologian and chaplain of Saint Louis is the founder of the Sorbonne college with project for « living in good society, collectively, morally and studiously. » Theology, law, […]

The Tuileries Garden

It is the oldest and largest of the French gardens of Paris but also former royal and imperial residence. It was after the construction of the Tuileries palace commissioned by Catherine de Medici in 1564. Historic monument since 1914, this French garden owes its appearance to the famous gardener of King Louis XIV, André Le […]