French Culture

The laboratory of painters

Fresh air Parisians, Giverny is the place made famous by Monet, French Impressionist painter in which it has created its own universe weeping soil, water lilies, Japanese bridge and his house with green shutters so famous. Giverny is a French commune located in the Eure region of Normandy, 75 km from Paris.

10000000000002D00000021680F50B98It is through the window of his train as Claude Monet fell under the charm of this place in 1883 and decided to settle there with his wife and children. Monet never ceased to express his correspondence his attachment to Giverny.

From 1887, many foreign artists primarily as Americans Sargent, Metcalf, Ritter, Taylor, Wendel Robinson, Bruce and Breck, also settled in Giverny. Other artists will settle in the following years and adopted the Impressionist technique, inspired by nature and light offered Giverny.

Today, Giverny has become a must for lovers of painting, you can stay there, eat there, enjoy peaceful and flowery streets and satisfy your curiosity by visiting the pictorial museum Impressionismes which is next to the house Giverny.