French Culture

From Gladiators to Today

The Lutetia Arena, located street Monge in the 5th arrondissement, is the oldest monument in the capital, they date from the 1st century, at the time of the domination of the Roman Empire. This is an « amphitheater stage » with a stage for theater and an arena for gladiatorial contests and other games.

In order to be heard by the spectators, the actors recite their lines in raised niches that allowed project sound towards the audience. When the arena was used as qu’arènes was for gladiator fights, executions or beast fights.

10000000000002EE000001F47F378792The building has been forgotten for years because it was covered until its acquisition in 1869 by the bus company who rediscovered during the earthworks. Today his remains are completely integrated in urban architecture and gladiators have given way to football players and bowls.

It must still thank Victor Hugo who, on July 27, 1883, wrote to the Paris City Council to defend the Arenes de Lutece, in danger of being destroyed.