French Culture

Emile Zola ‘s Paris

French journalist and writer, Emile Zola is considered the leader of naturalism wire. This is one of the most popular French novelists, most published, translated and commented the world. His works have been many adaptations in film and television.

Zola was born in 1840 in the 2nd district of Paris, Saint-Joseph Street, fourth floor of a building that still exists today.

As head of naturalism wire, Emile Zola worked his works with great historical accuracy and with attention to detail. His characters are very realistic and are recurrent throughout his different works, each work will tell the story of a family member, the characters we are so familiar.

Emile Zola is also known for his involvement in the Dreyfus affair with his famous essay « J’accuse …! ‘Published in the newspaper L’Aurore.

However, the works of this naturalist novelist are kind of historical archives of Paris, we can follow through his novels the evolution of the capital. It gives us enough detail in his novels to glimpse what Paris in 1860-1900 years as a city but also as a society. The three books describing perhaps best Paris are the Quarry in which one discovers the Haussmann transformations, the Assommoir which depicts the working world and the world of small traders from Paris and Au bonheur des Dames who recounts the saga department stores like Le Bon Marché, Printemps, La Samaritaine.

If you want to know Paris, its evolution, its secrets, its history, it’ll just dive into reading novels of Emile Zola!