French Culture



Founded in 1680, this French cultural institution in the 1st district of Paris is the only state theater in France with a troupe of comedians permanent actor: Troop-French Comedians.

comedie françaiseDubbed the « house of Molière » in relation to the high importance of Molière in this place, we can still see the exposed end of the gallery mounds, the chair into which he entered in agony during a performance of The Imaginary Invalid .

The French Comedy was founded in 1680 by royal decree of Louis XIV to merge the only two Parisian troops of the era: the troupe of the Hotel Génégaud and the troupe of the Hôtel de Bourgogne.

Today the Comédie-French still known as successful and offers a rich, quality programming. Many great French actors come from the French comedy as Guillaume Gallienne, Laurent Stocker and Pierre Niney.

The French Comédie represents since its inception place of theatrical expression par excellence and the transmission of French culture to the public of all generations.