Emile Zola ‘s Paris

French journalist and writer, Emile Zola is considered the leader of naturalism wire. This is one of the most popular French novelists, most published, translated and commented the world. His works have been many adaptations in film and television. Zola was born in 1840 in the 2nd district of Paris, Saint-Joseph Street, fourth floor of […]

Paris Philarmony

It’s symphonic music is in the spotlight in this Parisian hotel located in the Southeast part of the Parc de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement. This cultural institution has a concert hall for 2400 seats, an exhibition space, an educational center, rooms for the orchestra residences, rehearsal rooms, studios and a restaurant. The Philharmonie […]

Amorino Magic

It is the passion of two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi who is behind the famous Amorino ice, created in 2002. They show us through the magic of Amorino ice creams from their homeland : Italy. Each of their revenue grows more research flavors and tasting pleasure. Organic is natural is emphasized at […]

Candle bid

This is a bid which has duration is limited to the two small candles. This type of sale is also called « Candlelight bid », this ancient custom is especially at the last auction. Arriving after burning if no new bid occurs during this time, the award is pronounced in favor of the highest bidder. These sales […]

The laboratory of painters

Fresh air Parisians, Giverny is the place made famous by Monet, French Impressionist painter in which it has created its own universe weeping soil, water lilies, Japanese bridge and his house with green shutters so famous. Giverny is a French commune located in the Eure region of Normandy, 75 km from Paris. It is through […]

Paris in songs

Many artists wanted to pay tribute to our beautiful capital in song evoking the Parisian art of living and beautiful neighborhoods. Then include some music that marked the French variety. « Paname, ce soir j’ai envie de danser De danser avec tes pavés Que l’monde regarde avec ses pieds Paname, T’es belle tu sais sous tes […]

From Gladiators to Today

The Lutetia Arena, located street Monge in the 5th arrondissement, is the oldest monument in the capital, they date from the 1st century, at the time of the domination of the Roman Empire. This is an « amphitheater stage » with a stage for theater and an arena for gladiatorial contests and other games. In order to […]

nuit blanche

A night like no other

Since 2002, Paris sets up every year the « Nuit Blanche », this very special night gives you the opportunity to go in many museums, cultural institutions and other public and private locations, free to visit or attend artistic performances. This festival allows to live and animate the night in Paris by providing foodtrucks, bars like Recyclerie, […]

le bourget

WARNING take off now!

Passionned by flying machines, the Paris Exhibition Centre invites you every two years to the air show and more experienced English as the Paris Air Show. More commonly known as the « Paris Air Show » this great aviation event was founded in 1909 and has contributed to numerous technological advances. The lounge includes days set aside […]



Founded in 1680, this French cultural institution in the 1st district of Paris is the only state theater in France with a troupe of comedians permanent actor: Troop-French Comedians. Dubbed the « house of Molière » in relation to the high importance of Molière in this place, we can still see the exposed end of the gallery […]