Leader de la gestion en location saisonnière depuis 2011

Feel Like ÔHM est un cabinet d’administration de biens spécialisé en location d’appartement de standing à partir d’une nuit avec services hôteliers, conciergerie et organisation de séjour. Tous les appartements sont classés de la 3*** au Palace.

Leader in Holiday Rentals management since 2011

Feel Like Ohm is a property management cabinet specialized in luxury apartment rental starting from a single night with hotel services, conciergerie and stay organizing. All apartments are classified from 3 *** to 5***** (Palace).

Trouvez, louez et personnalisez

Trouvez l’appartement qui vous fait plaisir et réservez le en ligne sur notre site ou ceux de nos partenaires (AirBnB, Booking, Abritel, Homeaway, Homelidays, VRBO, Craig List, TripAdvisor, Wimdu…). Votre concierge vous aidera à personnaliser votre voyage et sera à votre disposition 24/24 et 7/7. Chacun de nos appartements sont préparés par nos équipes avec le plus grand soin.

Find, rent and customize

Find the apartment that makes you happy and book it online on our website or our partners’ websites (AirBnB, Booking, HomeAway, HomeAway, Homelidays, VRBO, Craig List, TripAdvisor, Wimdu …). Your concierge will help you to customize your trip and will be available 24/7. Each of our apartments are prepared by our staff with the greatest care.

Vivez une expérience hors du commun

Nous vous accueillons à l’aéroport ou à la gare avec un chauffeur. Votre KeyGuard vous attend dans votre appartement. Toute la literie et les linges de bains sont fournis. Des “Welcome Kit” vous attendent. Le room service et la conciergerie sont à votre disposition 24/24h et 7/7j. Si vous le souhaitez, choisissez vos ÔHM Box pour passer une journée inoubliable (Demande en mariage, Sports extrêmes, culturel).

Live an amazing experience

Our driver welcomes you at the airport or at the train station. Your KeyGuard will wait for you in your apartment. All linens for bed and bath are provided. A “Welcome Kit” is waiting for you. Room service and concierge are available 24/7. If you desire, choose your ÔHM Boxes for an unforgettable day (Wedding proposal, Extreme sports, Cultural trips around Paris…).


Feel Like ÔHM’s ambition is double, like it's name.
In Buddhist tradition, each letter "OHM" means respectively, body, speech and mind. Together it’s a state of fullness.
In electricity, OHM means resistance like the lights of eternal Paris.


excellenceThe Art of Living

"In front of a garden where water of the fountains is flowing between statues of XVIIIth century and well trimmed box hedges, you say: « It's very French ». In front of an incredible mess where nobody understands anything, you say « it's very french ». In front of a brilliant, but unnecessary action, you say « it's very french ». In front of a charm operation, lead with a mixture of grace, humor and distance, you say « It's very French ».

Pascal is very French and Cyrano is very French too. Montaigne is very French and Pasteur is also very French. Descartes is very French and Musset is very French so far. From Jeanne of Arc to De Gaulle, we know the meaning of the heroism.

And what is more French than irony and lightness, that belongs since always to the Paris legend ?

Being French is loving tradition and is loving the Revolution. Being French is first of all a contradiction.

Around us, England is the sea. Russia is the land. The German engineering is deployed in the northern legends. Italy and Spain incarnates the Southern charm. Being French is to be quartered between North and South, between dream and reality, between sea and land, between the Meuse dear to Peguy and Mistral Oc language. France is diversity - often pushed up to the division. There are countries and cultures that are pleonasms. France is an oxymoron. She loves collecting opposites.
An Englishman has no doubt: he knows he is an English. A German doesn’t hesitate: he strives to be German. French still wonder again and again: "What does it mean, being French? " There’s something in the heart of France that transcends it. She is not only a contradiction and diversity. She also keeps looking over her shoulder. At others. At the world around her. More than any other nation in the world, France is haunted by an aspiration to universality.

With perhaps a shadow of an outside paternalism, Malraux assured that France was never as France as she was talking to other nations. Witold Gombrowicz goes further: "Being French, is precisely consider something else than France."

It is a difficult task, willing to be yourself while trying to open up to others. French, still an effort to be a little more than French and to make France what she has always wanted to be under different masks: a humanity and diversity model.

These French smart guys even gave a name to this explosive mixture: they called brotherhood. "



ormesson_jeanCourtesy of « Jean d'Ormesson », of the French Academy; and the participation of « Le Point ».